Create a Prep Sheet for the SAT Essay


Create a Prep Sheet for the SAT Essay

A prep sheet is a way to organize relevant info about books, historical facts and figures, scientific facts and other examples you might reference in your SAT Essay. Most students structure their Prep Sheets around themes that may be asked about in the essay prompt.

Why do I need a prep sheet?
By creating this sheet you organize your thoughts and select a few books to focus on. Of course you cannot bring the prep sheet into the exam. Instead by learning the key points and themes in select books you read, when you are sitting down to the exam you will have examples and quotes to readily call to mind.
How do I design a useful prep sheet?
The SAT Essay question is often a very broad statement, a maxim of some sort, which allows you to choose your own essay topic. By preparing a few examples from history, literature, and/or science, you can respond to the essay with a broad knowledge of the content you're going to use. Click to download a sample Essay Prep Sheet

Common themes asked for by the SAT Essays

  • Individuality
  • Values and Morals
  • Authority
  • Choices
  • Relationship between Past and Future
  • Creativity
  • Hardship and Success
  • Self-determination/Motivation
  • Technological “Progress”
  • Loyalty
  • Tradition
  • Man vs. Nature

Think you can make the best prep sheet?
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