What to bring when meeting with your HS guidance counselor


What to bring when meeting with your HS guidance counselor

Your high school guidance counselor is the person who will help you apply to college. The will give you advice on what schools to choose, send your transcripts to the school, track the completion of your application and perhaps even write a letter of recommendation. Therefore it is extremely important that you develop a good communication strategy for working with your guidance counselor. Be prepared to ask questions and tell your guidance counselor about your interests.

For your first meeting with your guidance counselor bring:

  • A notebook and pen
  • A list of colleges or characteristics of colleges that you are interested in
  • Examples of a brag sheet, essay or any other part of the application that you’ve begun
  • Concerns you have about a class or opportunity that you want to supplement or improve

Some questions to ask:

  • the dates and times if any upcoming school visits
  • advice on classes to take that will match a particular interest
  • Who or what your guidance counselor knows about a specific school you are interested
  • Is it possible to invite your first choice school to any upcoming college fairs?
  • For parents of high school students
    While school policies vary it is not always the case the guidance counselor can make time to have one-on-one meetings with parents as well as students. If you have specific questions or concerns for your child’s guidance counselor call the office to make a specific appointment. When your child has his or her first appointment scheduled. Go over the questions that the guidance counselor might ask about your student’s achievement and make a list of the questions that the student would like to ask the guidance counselor.