What you need to know about changes to the WPPSI™-IV


What you need to know about changes to the WPPSI™-IV

Pearson, the publisher of the WPPSI™-III, is currently in the process of collecting and analyzing data that will be used to determine revisions that may be made for the WPPSI™-IV. Among some of the possible changes are the elimination of the Coding section, the use of a hand-held stamp (in lieu of an eraser-less pencil) for the Symbol Search subtest (Processing Speed), a Working Memory task, and updated illustrations. Overall any potential revisions are expected to be minimal.

The Educational Records Bureau (ERB) currently administers an abbreviated version of the WPPSI™-III as a part of the admission requirements for children who are applying for Pre-K-1st grade entry to NYC private schools. Once the updated WPPSI™-IV is released, the ERB’s abbreviated version will likely incorporate some of the new changes in the test. These changes are not expected to be immediate, however, as revisions to standardized assessments generally require a good deal of analysis to finalize. Furthermore, the majority of the subtests, such as the Verbal tasks and some of the Performance tasks, are expected to remain similar (if not exactly the same) to the current WPPSI™-III version with regard to format and presentation.

If your child is expected to take the ERB/WPPSI™-III exam soon, Aristotle Circle’s Complete ERB/WPPSI™-III Workbook, 1st Ed. continues to be the most up-to-date and comprehensive learning material that is currently available. If your child is likely taking the exam this fall or next spring, it is possible that he/she will be administered the newer WPPSI™-IV version of the test – if this is the case, parents can still feel confident that the majority of the content within our Complete ERB/WPPSI™-III Workbook, 1st Ed. will still be relevant and useful (with the likely exception of the Coding section) for their child.

We at Aristotle Circle are aware and knowledgeable of the potential changes that may be made to the WPPSI™-IV, and we are already hard at work preparing updated workbook materials that will reflect whatever the final changes are determined to be. Continue to check back on our website for new products, or sign up for our email list to be notified whenever new materials are released.


This is an advancement to education. Amazing how fast things change for the better.