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Navigating High-Level Business School Standards

Is a top-tier business school right for you? Understanding the standards and the programs at the top ranking schools will help you understand whether you should be applying to these programs.


Secondary essays for medical school applications

Admissions committees often want to learn about the qualities you possess that will make you both a great student and professional. Since my expertise lies in medical school, residency, and post-baccalaureate admissions, I will provide an example from the medical world. Yet, focusing on how your application highlights certain personal characteristics will give you a leg up in any admissions process.


Get great recommendation letters for your grad school application

As September approaches, the beginning of the admissions cycle is imminent. Essays, resumes and recommendations demand attention. Applicants have complete control over the content of their essays and resumes, and the pace at which they get produce them. By definition recommendations involve another party and some thought needs to be given to how that person completes their portion of your application.


The importance of doing good research for grad school

Unlike going to college, an endeavor that most always involves both the student and her/his parents, the decision to attend graduate school is made almost solely by the individual who wishes to earn the degree.
During my over 20 years in the fields of graduate and enrollment services, it was my privilege to serve as Dean of Students twice. In this role I conducted open office hours for students. As you might expect, most of those who came to see me had a concern/complaint of some kind. Often these concerns/complaints centered on the student believing s/he was misled in some way, and that the graduate program in which they enrolled was not what they expected. In some cases the student was ready to withdraw.


How to re-apply to a graduate program

Maybe you didn’t get into your top-choice schools. Or maybe you still are patiently awaiting a decision. Maybe you are weighing reapplying in the fall. Whatever your situation, as one admissions season ends, it is time to begin thinking about how you can improve your candidacy.


What you need to know about the new GRE

Starting August 1, there are a few changes to the GRE you should prepare for.

Test format

  • Total test time is 4 hours instead of 3 hours
  • There are now 6 sectionson the test: 2 math, 2 verbal, an experimental section which is not scored and the writing section. Do not try to guess which is the experimental section. Do you best on each section.


  • The total score is out of 340. Math scores range 130-170 and verbal scores range 130-170

Interview Don’ts (and Some Important Do’s)/Stories from the Interviewing Trenches

One of the best things about doing admissions interviewing for your alma mater is that you meet new, interesting people. For better, or for worse, here are a few interesting personalities that have come through my office. I hope you can learn something from these tales, and I often tell people that the “Don’t”s are as important as the “Do”s


A new set of business school standards

Harvard recently revamped its MBA program following a growing trend of interest on new principles set forth in the 2010 book Rethinking the MBA: Business Education at a Crossroads by Harvard Business School professors Srikant M. Datar, David A. Garvin, and research associate Patrick G. Cullen.


US colleges plan to ramp up application verification

The number of cases of students submitting falsified transcripts, letters of recommendation, exam scores and plagiarized essays is growing. This year in a highly publicized case Adam B. Wheeler pled guilty to forging documents to gain admission to Harvard University.


The role of admissions consultants

A recent article on the grad school blog: “Poets & Quants” confronts the issue of students paying for inside information and consulting when applying to school.


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