Our experts are the most experienced and qualified admissions advisors with proven track records of success.

Our experts include:
  • Former Ivy League admissions directors
  • Award-winning authors of college and “how-to-get-in” guides
  • Former financial aid officers from top schools
  • Nationally renowned college admissions and private school admissions experts
  • Former athletic coaches and recruiters from First Division and Ivy League schools
  • Guidance counselors at the top prep schools in the country
  • Experienced early learning and child psychologists

About the Experts

Here’s a small sampling from the hundreds of advisors we can put you in touch with:

Rod B.
  • More than 15 years of experience in the admissions offices at selective institutions, including Wesleyan, Brown and Columbia
  • Specialties include: highly selective admissions, financial aid and merit scholarships, students who attend magnet/boarding schools, athletic recruiting, international admissions, interview preparation, and students who are deferred and/or waitlisted.

Pam P.
  • A decade of consulting experience with students from California to New York and overseas
  • Author of a top book about packaging yourself properly for college admissions
  • Specialties include: Ivy League and Little Ivy schools, International Baccalaureate students, transfer admissions, graduate admissions, and merit scholarship applications

Donald M.
  • 30 years of graduate admissions experience. Held positions at Columbia, University of Chicago, Northwestern
  • Weekly contributor to US News & World Report Magazine and GRE Facebook Page. Author of popular guidebook for prospective graduate students
  • Specialties include: graduate/highly selective admissions, application and interview preparation, financial aid/scholarships, international students

Steve B.
  • Member of IECA and a certified Educational Planner for over 20 years
  • Specialties include: Boarding school admissions, international students, special education

Abbey N.
  • Manhattan teacher and administrator at an elite girls’ K-12 school for more than 12 years
  • Currently Head of the Lower School at an independent school in Houston, TX
  • Specialties include: single-sex schools, K-12 private admissions, interview and application prep


NYC private schools quote an average 6.67% acceptance rate, lower than Harvard’s 6.9%.