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APRIL 17, 2015 - High-school seniors could be forgiven for thinking that comparing college financial-aid offers requires an advanced degree.

MARCH 4, 2015 - Photos of wrinkled worksheets fill the CommonCoreCA Facebook page. “Please help, I know none of this is right,” one caption reads. “I don’t get why they are doing the math this way,” says another. A third is more succinct: “Um … What???”

SEPTEMBER 23, 2014 - As testing season gets under way, dueling iPad tests at the city's top private schools are adding a new level of anxiety for families trying to secure coveted kindergarten slots for their children.

JUNE 12, 2014 - Getting a child admitted into a New York City private school has never been easy. Now parents have fresh reasons to fret.

MARCH 7, 2014 - A coalition including some of New York City's most prestigious private schools captured the attention of parents and educators last fall when it announced a search for an alternative to its longstanding admissions test.

MARCH 7, 2014 - Most affluent families with college-age children don't qualify for financial aid. But there are several moves that parents with above-average income can make before applying for aid that could result in a lower tuition bill.

FEBRUARY 19, 2014 - I’m standing behind a glass screen watching my two-year-old daughter have a play-date. I’ve never thought of myself as a Tiger Mother, but today my shoulder blades are rigid, my throat is dry, and I’m muttering a low stream of encouragement like a punter at the races.

FEBRUARY 3, 2014 - Aristotle Circle was a pioneer in the test-prep field when it published the first book on the exam to screen young children for the city's elite private schools, administered by the Educational Records Bureau. The test is commonly known as the ERB.

OCTOBER 12, 2013 - Someone attempted to sabotage a Horace Mann senior’s college admissions chances by sending a letter with untrue and damaging information to schools the student is applying to, according to a letter sent to the senior class this week.

SEPTEMBER 12, 2013 - The test preparation industry is booming in anticipation of the coming Common Core exams and curriculum, but there are many simple — and free — ways worried parents can help prepare their kids for the tougher tests.

SEPTEMBER 20, 2013 - For nearly half a century, New York City private schools have relied on a standardized test as part of their admissions process for coveted kindergarten slots.

No longer. This week, a coalition of schools said it will drop the test over concerns that the growth of test preparation had rendered its results all but invalid.

SEPTEMBER 20, 2013 - For generations, families have dreaded and despised the exam used to determine the fate of 4- and 5-year-olds seeking entry into the elite world of New York City private schools.

SEPTEMBER 11, 2013 - It's only the first week of school for most New York City kids, yet many families are already fretting over the new, more difficult English and math exams.

That's good news for at least one New York City industry: test-prep companies.

AUGUST 8, 2013 - Bribing toddlers can be counter-productive, according to Vanessa. Instead, the 28-year-old coaches her young charges how to play together – for $450 an hour. After all, play dates are no trivial matter. They can decide a child’s future.

JULY 19, 2013 - CEO Suzanne Rheault says that during the mock play date, they get to see how children react to other kids their age who they don't know in unfamiliar surroundings with unfamiliar grownups.

MAY 17, 2013 - A group of parents vying to get their children into New York City's gifted-and-talented programs filed a lawsuit Thursday to try to halt the admissions process and force the city to change its admissions policies.

JAN 2, 2013 - Sharon Epperson, CNBC’s Personal Finance Correspondent, explains how Aristotle Circle offers a great opportunity for people looking to earn some extra money in 2013.

DEC 16, 2012 - Katerina Barnes was two weeks into her freshman year at New York University when she began to feel anxious and overwhelmed. There was so much to do: navigate a new city, register for classes, find classrooms, buy books.

NOV 26, 2012 - ABC 7's Art McFarland reports the stakes are high even for children at a very young age. Aristotle Circle's CEO Suzanne Rheault and Director of Product Development Janet Roberts weigh in on the new Gifted and Talented tests in New York City.

OCT 24, 2012 - The new gifted and talented test isn't just tough for 4-year-olds — it's also stumping their parents. The Naglieri Nonverbal Ability Test — which preschoolers have to ace to win one of the city's coveted public gifted and talented kindergarten seats for fall 2013 — quizzes kids on their spatial reasoning skills, asking them to analyze complex geometrical patterns.

OCT 18, 2012 - All across the city, the Tiger Moms (the Tiger Dads, too) are awakening. It's Gifted and Talented testing season, and the stakes have never been higher.

OCT 10, 2012 - A couple in Hong Kong is suing a Boston-area education consultant for the $2 million they say they paid him to get their two sons into top prep schools and, ultimately, an Ivy League university. The suit is seen by some as an example of an "arms race" in education.

OCT 7, 2012 - A new test for admission into New York City's gifted and talented program will account for the bulk of a student's score, upending a testing regime that a growing number of children had appeared to master.

MAY 23, 2012 -- A relative newcomer on New York City's private-school scene will open the city's first international high-school boarding program as it looks to boost enrollment and its reputation among elite competitors.
"You're going to have to deal with a lot more security—real and perceived—and the fact that, gosh, if the kid isn't home early, you're not just looking around the local Friendly's for where they're hanging out," said Suzanne Rheault, founder and CEO of Aristotle Circle, an educational advisory and tutoring company.

APR 4, 2012 - A new player is entering the crowded field of businesses that aim to help eighth-grade students improve their chances of admission to Fairfax County’s elite Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology.
Aristotle Circle is a New York-based college-counseling firm that has been featured in news stories for offering test-prep services to children as young as four, whose striving parents are seeking an edge in the fight for spots Manhattan’s selective preschools.

APR 6, 2012 - Parents and students spend thousands of dollars on publications that are aimed at helping kids gain admission to the top colleges and universities in the country. Now, some of those parents and students are putting those dollars to use in an attempt to gain admission to the top public high school in the country.
Aristotle Circle, a New York City-based company, has begun offering a $200 admissions guide for Thomas Jefferson High School in Alexandria, Va., which tops the U.S. News and World Report ranking of the country's Best High Schools. The company's CEO says the book is already back ordered because getting into the school is "like winning a lottery."

APR 13, 2012 - Nearly 5,000 children qualified for gifted and talented kindergarten seats in New York City public schools in the fall, 22 percent more than last year and more than double the number four years ago, setting off a fierce competition for the most sought-after programs in the system.
“You can build a better mousetrap, it doesn’t matter,” said Suzanne Rheault, one of Aristotle’s founders. “There’s no way you can stop it because now the idea of preparing for the kindergarten test is totally the norm. The stakes are so high.”

APR 29, 2012 -- As competition has intensified for slots at the city's elite public and private schools, a growing number of parents are pursuing both options, anxious to secure a top education for their children.
"It's a massive lottery. It makes Powerball seem completely reasonable," said Janet Roberts, an expert in gifted and talented admissions for Aristotle Circle, an educational advisory and tutoring company. "It's definitely making decisions with your hands tied behind your back and blindfolded."

APR 21, 2012 - So you thought it was tough to get a classic-six rent controlled apartment on Central Park West? For NYC parents, that's nothing compared to the private school admissions process. Landing a spot in a top-tier kindergarten in the city is as competitive as - if not more than - getting into Harvard. By all measures, it's just getting worse. Struggling public schools, not enough private schools, parents having more kids and the 9/11 baby boom have produced the perfect storm, says Suzanne Rheault, founder of Aristotle Circle. "The music stops and not all the kids have a chair."

APR 20, 2012 - New York City parents seem to have swallowed any sticker shock over private school prices.
Despite tuition breaching the $40,000 barrier this year, a record 4,418 students took the private school admissions test in 2011-12, according to data released on Thursday.
"I think it could tie into the public schools not having enough places and people saying, 'Let's just try,'" said Suzanne Rheault, CEO of Aristotle Circle, an educational advisory and tutoring company.

APR 18, 2012 - Parents and students know how important the College Board’s SATs are to college admissions and are constantly looking for ways to improve SAT scores without breaking the bank. Aristotle Circle has just announced its winning formula to SAT exam preparation success: Provide high performing high school students the tools and training they need to prepare their peers for the exam at affordable rates with customized scheduling.

APR 13, 2012 - Nearly 5,000 children qualified for gifted and talented kindergarten seats in New York City public schools in the fall, 22 percent more than last year and more than double the number four years ago, setting off a fierce competition for the most sought-after programs in the system. Robin Aronow, an admissions consultant in Manhattan, said she could not attribute all of the increase to test preparation, “but it certainly seems to be having an influence.”
Always on the alert for changes to admissions policies, some tutoring companies, true to the nature of their profession, are prepared for it. One of the companies, Aristotle Circle, already offers a $300 “test preparation and enrichment kit” designed for the Naglieri and similar exams.

APR 6, 2012 - Aristotle Circle, a New York City-based company, has begun offering a $200 admissions guide for Thomas Jefferson High School in Alexandria, Va., which tops the U.S. News and World Report ranking of the country's Best High Schools. The company's CEO says the book is already back ordered because getting into the school is "like winning a lottery." Although it's a public school, Thomas Jefferson, a science and technology school, has strict admissions guidelines. About 3,000 students apply each year, fewer than 500 are admitted each year.

APR 4, 2012 - A new player is entering the crowded field of businesses that aim to help eighth-grade students improve their chances of admission to Fairfax County’s elite Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology. On Monday, Aristotle Circle will publish what the company says is the first test-prep workbook specifically designed for preparing students to take the TJ entrance exam.

FEB 16, 2012 - With more children taking school admission, gifted and talented, and other achievement tests for limited spots in school programs, parents are looking for ways to help their kids do well. A new solution is coming from the national educational company Aristotle Circle, which has created a new Enrichment and Learning Kit for children between the ages of four and ten. The kit, consisting of books and educational toys, promotes learning through play and teaches patterning skills, sorting and classification, visual-spatial reasoning, vocabulary, memory, reasoning and creative problem solving. The kit is ideal for families who want to prepare their children for testing in a fun and interactive way.

FEB 1, 2012 - 全國性的兒童教育網絡Aristotle Circle宣布,已收購國內其中一家最大的「小老師」補習公司Peer2Peer,並計畫年底前把業務擴大一倍。華爾街日報」報導,Peer2Peer的創辦人金米爾 (Erik Kimel)說,該公司目前在新州、康州和華盛頓特區經營,自2004年以來,雇用了5000名高中生。兩家公司計畫透過合併,今年創造多5000個高中生職位,包括100個在紐約市。Aristotle Circle的執行長和創辦人蘇珊娜.利歐特 (Suzanne Rheault)說,他們去年開始尋找擴大其補習服務的途徑。

(Nationwide network of Aristotle Circle children's education, announced it has acquired one of the largest domestic peer tutoring company Peer2Peer, and plans to double in size before the end of the business year.)

JAN 31, 2012 - Aristotle Circle, Inc., the leading national expert network for school admissions, today announced its acquisition of Peer2Peer Tutors, Inc., the largest peer tutoring company in the country. The merger of the two companies will make Aristotle Circle the largest educational consulting company of its kind – combining a highly specialized network of professional experts with a league of high-school and college top performers who tutor students on a variety of subjects.

JAN 31, 2012 -- Aristotle Circle, a national network of admissions experts based in New York, has purchased one of the largest peer tutoring companies in the country and plans to double its size by the end of the year, company officials announced Monday. Peer2Peer currently operates in New Jersey, Connecticut and the Washington, D.C., area and has employed 5,000 high school students since it began in 2004, according to founder Erik Kimel. Through the merger, the companies plan to create an additional 5,000 student jobs this year, including 100 in New York City.

JAN 27, 2012 - Aristotle Circle CEO and co-founder Suzanne Rheault spoke about getting advice for college and the power of peer mentoring on NY Night News on NBC.

NOV 23, 2011 - U.S. schools use the Test of English as a Foreign Language, known as the TOEFL, as a gauge of language proficiency. In today's competitive market for higher education, heavy preparation for the TOEFL is common, experts say. "It used to be, if you did it, you were ahead," says Donna Zilkha, director of college services at admissions consulting firm Aristotle Circle. "Now if you don't do it, you're behind, because everybody prepares for the test. The competition has gotten so tough."

AUG 24, 2011 - Christine Chapman, Aristotle Circle expert, shares her advice to parents on saving money on your child's college tuition.

JUL 27 -- NBC NY Nightly News anchor Chuck Scarborough speaks with Aristotle Circle founder and CEO Suzanne Rheault about the competitive admissions process and what parents can do to get their children into the top schools.

JUL 23, 2011 -- Aristotle Circle founder Suzanne Rheault discusses tips for college, private school and gifted and talented research with CBS's Eye on New York Dana Tyler .

JUN 15, 2011 - The PSAT prep test is a critical – but often overlooked - step for college students seeking financial aid. Over 1.4 million US high school students take the PSAT every year, yet only 8,400 are successful National Merit Scholarship finalists. At a time when high school sophomores and juniors are juggling pressure to get top grades and be involved in extracurricular activities, the preliminary SAT exam has never been more important.

JUN 15, 2011 - What are colleges looking for? Stacey Bradford asked Jill Tipograph, a member of Aristotle Circle, a network of college admissions counselors and advisors, and a summer program consultant with Everything Summer. Tipograph explained that admissions directors look for students who can tell a story about themselves and their passions.

JUN 2, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Summer offers boundless opportunities for college-bound high school students to increase their college admissions chances, according to Aristotle Circle, the expert network of college admissions counselors and advisors. Aristotle Circle recommends that parents and students focus on enhancing the summer experience to maximize the college application process. The savvy, motivated student understands that the activities they embrace over the summer will help shape the unique voice necessary for a successful college application and meaningful summer experiences, add significance to college applications and help ease transitions from high school to college life.

MAY 9, 2011 -- How does one know if their young child is truly gifted, or merely bright?
"It's difficult to give a one-size-fits-all description, but certain characteristics emerge more frequently in young children who are later identified as gifted," said Kim Har, director of Childhood Education at the Aristotle Circle in New York, an organization that provides testing and school admissions support for students.

APR 28, 2011 - LaunchPad Learning of New Jersey and Aristotle Circle of New York have joined forces with the goal of improving reading levels of children across the United States. LaunchPad's web-based reading tool will empower parents to help their children become better readers and better learners. By partnering with Aristotle Circle, a leading school admissions advisor, more parents will have access to the LaunchPad tool through their extensive network of parents and children throughout the United States

APR 19, 2011 - Aristotle Circle, Inc., the leading expert network for admissions, today announced the closing of $2 million in funding. The Series B investment was made by Rho Ventures. The New York-based company will use the capital to further advance its online technology as well as extend sales efforts globally.
"Test preparation alone no longer gives students a competitive edge in admissions. Today with the perfect storm of lower acceptance rates, increased competition, and over-burdened school guidance counselors, families need expert advice to help navigate the school admissions process more than ever before," said Suzanne Rheault, CEO and Founder of Aristotle Circle. "Our mission is to make personalized insight from the best admission experts available to all families. This round of funding and the investment by a firm of Rho Ventures' caliber are validations of our vision and an exciting milestone for our company."

APR 13, 2011 -- Talk about long odds: 2011 admissions stats at Harvard suggest only 6 percent of applicants are getting in this year. Stanford is at 7 percent, and Yale is only slightly higher. Stacy recently talked to Pam Proctor, consultant with Aristotle Circle, college admissions expert and author of The College Hook: Packaging Yourself to Win the College Admissions Game.

APR 11, 2011 - Predicting the future, baking an apple pie, knitting wool garments, sporting a milk mustache while performing community service and singing The National Anthem with sincerity are just some of the ways in which college-bound students are funding their education in 2011 according to Aristotle Circle, the leading expert network of college admissions counselors and financial aid advisors who researched the top 15 most unusual college scholarship opportunities for the 2011-2012 academic year.

APR 1, 2011 -- With hundreds of students, funding cuts, and a multi-functional job, high school guidance counselors aren't able to spend much time counseling students about college ... A firm like Aristotle Circle, which teams students with one of about 200 counselors and admissions experts based on students' school preferences, can help guide a student through the admissions process ... "These counselors got into education for a reason. They want to help," says Founder Suzanne Rheault. "The key is finding the right experts to match them up with."

MAR 21, 2011 - Aristotle Circle, the leading expert network of admissions counselors, surveyed its top advisors about the 5 biggest mistakes students and families applying to college make.

MAR 16, 2011 - According to a US. Department of Education Guidance School survey, over-stretched school guidance counselors are only providing an average of 38 minutes of college admissions advice per US high school student. This comes at a time when students need help more than ever due to record high numbers of applications and low admission rates in 2011. Suzanne Rheault, founder and CEO of Aristotle Circle, the leading expert network of admissions and financial counselors, notes three alarming trends: "The traditional public school guidance counselor is over-burdened, compeition is increasingly fierce for college admissions and students are now paying for expert advice to help them get into the college of their choice. In 2009, 26% of all top SAT scorers hired an outside coach, 120,000 high school seniors hired educational consultants and $3,000 was the average amount a family paid for admissions advice.”

MAR 5, 2011 --- (NEW YORK) In another sign that the city's economic recovery is flourishing, demand for the city's private schools increased by nearly 10% this year, according to new data to be released Monday...."The real growth now is in the number of people applying to gifted-and-talented programs who would have never tried that route before," said Suzanne Rheault, CEO of test-prep company Aristotle Circle.

FEB 12, 2011 -- It's a big weekend for New York City parents trying to get their little ones into kindergartens at elite private schools. Admissions directors and consultants say there are even fewer slots available due to an increase in sibling admissions.

"It's the continuation of Manhattan's baby boom and what's happening this year is that there are more legacy kids and siblings getting preference and crowding others out," says Suzanne Rheault, CEO of Aristotle Circle, an admissions-preparation company in New York.

JAN 31, 2011 - The 30 Minute Mom podcast features Dr. Kim Har, educational psychologist and director of early childhood education at Aristotle Circle, a premier provider of test preparation services in NYC. Learn how a parent what parents can do to prepare a young child for testing and school success without stressing the child (and the rest of the family) out.

JAN 7, 2011 - Aristotle Circle Founder and CEO Suzanne Rheault appeared on Dr. Phil to discuss competitive kindergarten admissions and test preparation for ages 3-16.

NOV 7, 2010 -- Two Upper East Side identical twins who got exactly the same raw scores on the exam that determines admissions into Manhattan's elite kindergartens ended up six points apart in the final tallies. The result meant that one boy got into a posh school, and the other was wait-listed.

CORRECTION: This report is derived from our constant research to better service our clients, and constitutes a composite of experiences from our families with twins.

OCT 28, 2010 - Parents of preschoolers who are applying to New York’s top private schools are now coming face to face with the test universally known as the E.R.B., a nerve-racking intelligence exam made more so because there is no do-over if the child has a bad day.

Aristotle Circle offers ERB tutoring, ERB retesting and admissions counseling to make sure that your son or daughter has the best possible chance of getting into your first choice school. Click here to learn more.

OCT 13, 2010 -- Suzanne Rheault is one of hundreds of New York City entrepreneurs benefiting from a newly resurgent angel investor community, a varied crew of serial entrepreneurs, Wall Streeters and other well-to-do New Yorkers who are taking personal stakes in early-stage companies.

OCT 5, 2010 -- Online college review resource for students and parents, Unigo, has announced a multi-year strategic partnership with Aristotle Circle, a service that connects parents to experts in admissions, education and child development, according to Unigo.

Read the full story [PDF]

OCT 10, 2010 (BUSINESS WIRE)--– Unigo, the web’s largest resource for student-generated college reviews, today announced a multi-year strategic partnership with Aristotle Circle to create a series of live, in-person, 3-day college admissions boot camps. The intensive events will be held several times each year, both domestically and internationally, and will be aimed at giving high school students the tools to succeed in the college search and admissions process.

Unigo and Aristotle Circle will also be launching a suite of college admissions programs for large corporate partners and executives.

Events will take advantage of Unigo’s insider knowledge of the college selection and admissions process and curriculum-building prowess, as well as Aristotle Circle’s network of more than 200 top admissions experts from across the globe. Participants will receive highly customized attention to maximize their chances of getting in, and succeeding, in college.

"Aristotle Circle's goal is to demystify the college admissions process and give families access to the best, most current resources available through our growing network of admissions experts," said Aristotle Circle Founder and CEO, Suzanne Rheault. “This partnership is a natural and powerful fit. Unigo has a wealth of information and is a leader in innovating new ways to reach students. This partnership will equip students with the skills and insights needed to launch rewarding futures."

The development of college admissions boot camps and corporate programs represents the first wave in a variety of collaborations between Unigo and Aristotle Circle, which will include live events, print titles, multimedia projects and more - all with the goal of helping more students prepare for their postsecondary pathways, find the right college, get into the program they want, and ultimately excel in both their classes and their future careers.

“Unigo’s mission is to help students and their families, and this partnership provides us with more opportunities to reach and education them,” said Unigo Founder and CEO, Jordan Goldman. “We’re thrilled to be partnering with Aristotle Circle, as their dedication to education and learning is unparalleled.”
Both bootcamp and corporate events will begin rolling out in early 2011.

About Unigo is the go-to resource for high school students and parents looking for authentic, up-to-date information about America’s colleges. The site features tens of thousands of multi-media, interactive college reviews created by the real experts – current college students. Unigo’s college reviews were described by The New York Times Magazine as “…so evocative they make the one-page U.S. News summaries read like junk mail … they are vivid in a way no guidebook can match,” and The Wall Street Journal’s Walt Mossberg called Unigo “…a college information resource built for the age of YouTube and Facebook.”

About Aristotle Circle
Aristotle Circle connects parents to experts in admissions, education, and child development. The company offers services ranging from pre-K to graduate school admissions to Special Needs education and advocacy. Aristotle Circle’s network of more than 250 vetted experts grows daily and currently serves over 600 clients in 28 states and 10 countries.

SEPT 29, 2010 -- Aristotle Circle sells workbooks for the ERBs (the shorthand name for the test used by private schools) and the BRSA (i.e. Bracken).

SEPT 23, 2010 -- Aristotle Circle Founder Suzanne Rheault discusses the kindergarten admission process with Alexis and Jennifer, hosts of the Whatever show. Click to watch the video.

FEB, 23, 2010 (NYPOST) -- "If [parents] can get a good to great public school for free, then tutoring and test prep is well worth the money," Aristotle Circle CEO Suzanne Rheault told The Post.

SEPT 2, 2010 (BUSINESS WIRE)--Aristotle Circle, Inc., the leading education and admissions expert network, today announced a Series A round of financing that has raised over $450K to date. The Series A round includes prominent angel and early-stage start-up investors including Michael Yavonditte.

The New York-based company launched in August 2009 and became profitable November 2009. Aristotle Circle leverages a matchmaking model similar to the highly successful expert networks used on Wall Street to connect parents to Admissions and Education experts. The company will use the capital raised to accelerate technology and product development and expand services and marketing in both pre-K to 12th grade and college domestic and international markets.

“We are thrilled to have an educator and researcher of Dr. Har’s caliber leading development of our Childhood Education offerings.”
Aristotle Circle began fund raising efforts in April as a finalist at the New York Open Angel Forum. At the event, CEO and Founder Suzanne Rheault presented to over 20 prominent angel investors.

OAF Founder and noted entrepreneur, Jason Calacanis stated, ”It's not surprising that Aristotle Circle landed a very solid angel round, as they had what investors are looking for: a compelling idea, in a growing market, executed by a strong management team."

Serial entrepreneur and investor Michael Yavonditte said, “The speed with which Aristotle Circle was able to raise this round of financing is a testament to its compelling business model and market opportunity and to the success of the Open Angel Forum in exposing promising start-ups to potential angel investors.”

Aristotle Circle also announced the hiring of Dr. Kim Har as Director of Childhood Education. Dr. Har will lead development of products and services for the pre-college market, including childhood test preparation and tutoring.

“We harness our network of experts to deliver superior products and services to families and students who need help navigating all aspects of the education and admissions processes,” stated Rheault. “We are thrilled to have an educator and researcher of Dr. Har’s caliber leading development of our Childhood Education offerings.”

Dr Har is an experienced educator and published Child Development, Psychology, and Education expert with more than 10 years of hands-on teaching and research experience. Dr Har earned a BS in Biology with a Minor in Psychology from MIT; a MA in Early Childhood Special Education from NYU; a MS in Developmental Psychology from Columbia Teachers College; and a Ph.D. in Education from UCLA.

Dr. Har said, “Working with children as both a teacher and researcher, I’ve seen what a difference the right games, activities, and learning tools can make. I was impressed by the quality of Aristotle Circle’s products. I am extremely excited to join the team and put my experience and insight to use expanding its excellent childhood education and testing offerings.”

About Aristotle Circle

Aristotle Circle connects parents to experts in admissions, education, and child development. The company offers services ranging from pre-K to graduate school admissions to Special Needs education and advocacy. Aristotle Circle’s network of more than 200 vetted experts grows daily and currently serves over 500 clients in 26 states and 7 countries.

About Open Angel Forum

Open Angel Forum operates angel forums in eight cities for investors and entrepreneurs. The selection of companies to present is based strictly on merit, and there are no fees taken from angels or startups. Over 200 angel investors and 40 startups have participated in 2010 to date. OAF was founded in 2010 by angel investor and entrepreneur Jason Calacanis.

AUG 19, 2010 (FOX) -- Hiring an education consultant is the latest trend in the cutthroat world of New York private school admissions. A bumper crop of new consulting businesses like Aristotle Circle here in midtown.

AUG 19, 2010 (WSJ)--"Scores on the ERBs went up because kids were preparing and parents began thinking, 'My kid got a 99 but so did my neighbor's kids, what else can we do to better our chances in this market?' " says Suzanne Rheault, a 40-year-old mother of two who left Wall Street last year to start New York test-prep company, Aristotle Circle.

JAN 31, 2010 (NYMAG)-- [Rheault] dumps a bag of blocks onto the conference table. They’re essentially the same ones used on the WPPSI, except hers are white and blue rather than white and red. Then she plops down her meticulous, brightly designed prep book, which she just completed last August. She opens to the “Vocabulary” section, illustrated by a former cartoonist for Disney. “Any vocabulary the child needs,” she tells me, “is in this book,” whether it’s...

MAY 6, 2010 (NYT) -- For legions of 4- and 5-year-olds and their parents, the test known as the E.R.B. is the entree into the world of private schooling, its pressure and price a taste of the expensive years to come.

But parents who grumble about a test that they fear could determine their children’s educational future now have company: some of the private schools themselves.

AUG 18, 2009 (NYT) -- [Rheault's] company, Aristotle Circle, connects school, testing and admissions experts, who are paid by the hour, with parents eager for authoritative information. So far, she is marketing expertise mostly for people applying to private schools for their children, perhaps because those people are more likely to shell out up to $450 an hour to talk to someone who knows something about what Spence likes to hear in an interview.


32% of students with learning disabilities pursue higher education, up from 15% 10 years ago.