PreK-12 Admissions Testing

When it comes to childhood testing, knowledge is power—and peace of mind
Ages: 2-17/ ERB, WPPSI-IV, AABL, KRT, OLSAT, NNAT, Stanford-Binet, WISC-IV, ISEE, SSAT, SHSAT preparation / Private School, Boarding School, Gifted and Talented Programs, Specialized Public Schools; e.g., Hunter Elementary
Preparation for private school, boarding school and gifted-and-talented public school admissions tests.

So much rides on the results, but testing your young child’s abilities is a controversial process. And that makes it even more stressful for your family. We ease the burden by giving you everything you need to know about the tests and what they assess. We'll also connect you with experts to coach your family to achieve the best outcome.

PreK–12 Admissions Testing Services

We’ll send a testing expert to your home to conduct a practice test with your child, which takes from an hour to an hour and a half depending on the test type. While the exam will generally be given using the standard rules, our experts will also ask some non-standard questions to probe your child's understanding and true comprehension—so we don’t leave anything to chance.

You’ll get a written report within a week discussing your child’s areas of strength and weakness on the exam, with guidance for enrichment activities in areas that need improvement. We’ll give you concrete, descriptive information about your child’s comprehension of the actual testing items and question formats, examples of your child's responses, and suggestions for further practice at home. Because of the additional, informative questions that are added for qualitative purposes, we don’t offer hard scores. After you get your report, your assigned expert will be available for a complementary follow-up on the phone to answer any questions you may have.

In anticipation of future changes to the WPPSI-IV test for Pre-K to
1st grade admissions, Aristotle Circle outlines most likely changes to the test and
provides the latest information on using test prep materials for the
WPPSI-IV and ERB. Read the full explanation here.

Test Preparation and Tutoring Services: ERB/WPPSI-IV, AABL, KRT, OLSAT, NNAT, Stanford-Binet, WISC-IV, ISEE
Our tutoring expert will come to your home for one-hour sessions to work on strengthening general skill and knowledge areas that will help your child be better prepared for the exam. We can also accommodate families that wish to have tutoring done in our offices. Your tutor will send you regular updates about your child’s progress along with suggestions for enrichment activities you can work into your routines at home. Tutoring can be purchased by individual session or as a package of 10 sessions with a 10% discount. Learn more

You and your child will go to the office of a NYS-licensed psychologist (Ph.D. in neuropsychology) from the Aristotle Circle network. The psychologist will administer the formal WPPSI-IV or WISC-IV with your child. Within 3-4 weeks, you’ll get a written assessment, which will include raw, adjusted, and percentile scores, and a discussion of areas of strength and weakness. Expedited results are available at an additional cost. Please note that most schools in NYC require that test results come directly from the ERB.

Interactive Metronome (IM) sessions
A licensed IM practitioner will come to your home and work with your child (age 3 and up) for an hour-long session. The Interactive Metronome (IM) program has been widely recognized for improving attention and concentration, cognitive speed, executive functions, reading and math fluency and self-control of aggression/impulsivity. This novel approach to helping children improve in areas of intelligence, social/behavioral and motor-planning is now being utilized in thousands of schools, clinics and universities across the country, as well as over a dozen countries around the world. A full program consists of 12-15 sessions.

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Over 1.5M students took the SATs in 2009; more than 75% used a test prep service.