Expert or Peer Tutoring custom designed for you

Aristotle Circle is the best source of quality, one-on-one tutoring regardless of the subject or student’s age.

We offer individual tutoring with an outstanding peer or a qualified expert in your home or, for overseas students, via Skype. Whether working with our awarding-winner peers or expert tutors, you receive personalized matchmaking, detailed session summaries, carefully screened tutors, one-to-one instruction, and flexible scheduling either in-home or online.

Our Peer Tutors are:

  • Carefully screened straight A high school or university students
  • Effective instructors and role models for their peers and for younger children as well
  • Excellent at teaching all K-12 subject tutoring and specific standardized test preparation
  • Able to go beyond academics and help with musical instruments, athletics and other extracurricular instruction (dance, chess and soccer as examples)
  • Personally familiar with teacher expectations

Our Expert Tutors are:

  • The most experienced and highly credentialed tutors available
  • Experienced early learning teachers, child psychologists, special needs experts, and occupational therapists
  • Extremely knowledgeable about high stakes tests
  • Experts with proven track record of success
  • Able to customize teaching styles to accommodate different learners

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32% of students with learning disabilities pursue higher education, up from 15% 10 years ago.