Aristotle Circle Services

How Aristotle Circle Works

Aristotle Circle works based on a simple idea: we give you access to a wide network of experts to take the mystery and stress out of getting your child into school. Our mission is to open up the process by connecting you with insiders who have crucial knowledge of the schools you’re applying to and with experts who have the coaching skills to give your child the best preparation. We help you through the process to your goal—a great educational experience for your child.

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Inside knowledge and guidance for the private school admissions process, ages 3 - 16; from test prep to practice interviews and playgroups.
Advice and know-how for students who want to study in the US.
Expert coaching and insider counseling for students applying to Ivy League and highly selective colleges and universities.
Expert coaching and insider counseling for students applying to law, business, doctoral and other competitive graduate school programs
Critical knowledge and preparation to help your child succeed in the boarding school admissions process.
Get expert advice on resumes, cover letters and internship applications while in college or for the recently graduated.
Preparation for private school, boarding school and gifted-and-talented public school admissions tests.
We connect students with peers that can help them with any subject at any grade level.
Achieve your best score on test day with advice and prep from our insiders.
Connect to successful college students for one-one tutoring over the web to get help on your AP, IB and GT level classes.
Work with our experts to maximize your child’s potential for winning financial aid and scholarships.
We offer individual tutoring with an outstanding peer or a qualified expert in your home or, for overseas students, via Skype.
Tailored admissions support for students with learning disabilities and other individual needs.
Aristotle Circle is the best source of quality, one-on-one test preparation regardless of the student’s age.


120,000 seniors used educational consultants in 2009, more than double since 2004.