About Aristotle Circle

"The fate of empires depends on the education of our youth" - Aristotle

Our Mission

We believe that every student has the potential to do great things. But too often, they don't have the information, access or advice that's required. Aristotle Circle is an innovative advisory service that unlocks the power and passion of students by delivering personal, actionable and superior guidance and educational support.

Helping children succeed is core to Aristotle Circle’s business. As the daughter of a man who escaped the poverty of the Boston housing projects through a full scholarship to MIT, founder Suzanne Rheault strongly believes access to excellent education should not be limited by a family’s income. In line with these convictions, Aristotle Circle donates services to promising students through local initiatives and other charitable organizations. By investing in these promising students, we believe that we are investing in future thought leaders and a better tomorrow for us all.

How We Got Started

As a 10-year Wall Street veteran and mother of two, Suzanne Rheault was frustrated by both the process and lack of expert resources when applying to Manhattan private schools for her children. An experienced Equity Research Analyst, Ms. Rheault leveraged expert networks to find people who could provide unique and timely insight to help shape her investment decisions. When she looked for similar experts for private school admissions, Ms. Rheault was surprised to discover that few private school admissions consultants were available. Professional admissions consultants charged exorbitant upfront fees for an inflexible set of services. Though they may have once been private school insiders, many admissions consultants did not have up-to-date insight and current experience. From the admissions process itself and discussions with parents, educators, and school insiders, Ms. Rheault recognized that there was an untapped wealth of current expertise and insight into education, admissions, and child development that would be invaluable to parents. She founded Aristotle Circle to change that for the better.


In 2010, MIT, Stanford, Dartmouth, and Harvard had their lowest admission rates ever.